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Why Pain Should be Managed?

Pain is as old as mankind!
Pain is a complex medical problem. Pain can arise from any part of your body: skin, muscle, ligaments, joints, bones (nociceptive pain),injured tissue (inflammatory pain), nerves (neuropathic pain), internal organs (visceral pain) or it could be a combination of these types of pain (mixed pain).

With newer research, doctors have realised that pain can occur for many reasons, and there is no single “treatment” that can “cure” it.

 Scientists and Doctors now believe Pain to be a Biopsychosocial (Fig. below) event that can cause suffering and affect quality of life of the person.
As untreated pain causes erosion of quality of life, early access to management of pain has better outcome for the patient.Successful treatment of pain does not mean only providing pain relief. It means addressing various issues like the physical, emotional, spiritual beliefs, dietary changes, lifestyle modifications etc. Only medicines or injections may not give relief. A holistic approach to the “person” rather than “painful part of body” needs to be addressed.
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