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In Interventional Pain Specialist and Anaesthesiologist

Dr.Kritika Doshi Provides innovative,hands on solutions to Eleminate the pain and solving back pain and joint pain.The Clinic Combines years of Experience And new Technologies.

About Dr. Kritika Doshi

Profession: Medical Specialist

Specialty: Interventional Pain Management and Anaesthesiology

Qualification: MD, DA, FIPP(International Fellowship in Pain), ISSP (Indian Fellowship in Pain)

Dr. Doshi has been practicing pain management since 2008. She is a Fellow of International Pain Practice (F.I.P.P.) of the World Institute of Pain. She is also a Fellow of the Indian Society for Study of Pain (I.S.S.P.)​ She is a senior practitioner holding various positions. She is at present:​ -Vice President ISA-Thane -General Council Member ISSP -Editor of ‘The GRASP’ – quarterly publication of AMC -Honorary Consultant at CSMH and RGMC. She has Pain Clinic OPD at many hospitals including free OPD at TMC hospital for underprivileged people.She is available at:​
i) Jupiter Hospital, Thane 21725555
ii) Bethany Hospital, Thane 21725122
iii) Pain Department at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Hospital, Kalwa

She has Contributed to Various chapters In Textbooks of Pain Management and has Many publications to Her Name


1. Oct-Dec 2012: Indian Journal of Pain: case report on “Subarachnoid Neurolysis for Unilateral Cancer pain” … ”IJP-Subarachnoid Neurolysis;  Indian Journal of Pain, Vol 26, number 3; September-December 2012”

2. Sept-Dec 2014: Indian Journal Of Pain: Case report: Post Traumatic Pain:  ?CRPS- CASE    REPORT: Post traumatic pain:  “?CRPS Kritika Doshi; Indian Journal of Pain, Year 2014, Volume 28, Issue 3 [p. 184-188] DOI: 10.4103/0970-5333.138458”

3. “IJP-MRI in Coccydynia; ISSN 0970-5333; Vol 30, Issue 1, Jan-April 2016”….(CASE REPORT: MRI in Coccydynia Kritika Doshi; Indian Journal of Pain, Year 2016, Volume 30, Issue 1 [p. 61-66] DOI: 10.4103/0970-5333.173482

4. November 2016: PAIN Reports- Letter to Editor- “1-4mm, discrete, hypopigmented Spots- early, prodromal sign of somatic origin pain” accepted for publication  Discrete hypo/de-pigmented spots as an early, prodromal, objective sign of somatic origin pain “Doshi, Kritika; PAIN Reports. 1(5):e581, November/December 2016”.

5. August 2018: Indian Journal of Pain: Original Article: 2–4 mm Diameter Hypo/Depigmented Dermal Spots:? Objective Sign of Somatic Origin Pain… ORIGINAL ARTICLE: “2–4 mm diameter hypo/depigmented dermal spots: ? Objective sign of somatic origin pain Kritika Doshi; Indian Journal of Pain, Year 2018, Volume 32, Issue 2 [p.7275]DOI: 10.4103/ijpn.ijpn_69_17”

Text Book Chapters And Poster Presentations

Text Book Chapters

  • Contributed 2 chapters in 3rd Edition of “Textbook of Pain Management” on (i) Chronic Pelvic Pain (ii) Caudal Epidural.
  • Chapter on “Non Cancer Pain Management” in Handbook of Pain” published by ISSP Mumbai.
  • Co-Editor of AMC (Association of Medical Consultants) publication: Smart Mantras for Rational Medical Practice.
  • Chapter: “Sub Arachnoid Neurolysis” in 3rd Edition- Interventional Pain Management.
  • Myths and reality about Pain: Article in AMC Publication 2017.
  • Chapter on Pharmacologic Management of Cancer Pain in ‘A Text Book of Clinical Oncology in the Indian Context’ by Editor in chief- Dr Suresh Sanchetee.

Poster Presentation

  • Persistent pain resulting in Neuropathic Pain” at MASCON 2010.
  • “SMP as cause of persistent post-op pain” at ISSPCON 2011 held at PGI-Chandigarh.
  • “Suffering- looking beyond Pain Relief” at ICIPM-3, organized by WIP at Kolkata 2013; Awarded “Best Poster”.
  • IASP-15th World Congress held in Buenos Aires : Poster on “Beyond Pain Relief- Reducing Suffering” September 2015.
  • “KD-Spots”: Hypopigmented spots as an objective sign of Pain: Poster at 16th WCP at Yokohama September 2016.
  • Pain in Cancer Survivor-Case Report; E-Poster at the EFIC 2017, Copenhagen on “Childhood Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor- Post Radiation Hypoplastic Hemivertebrae, Post-ganglionic Brachial Plexopathy, Pleural adhesions with Pregnancy – Challenge for Pain Management”.


Here at Doshi Pain Clinic Centre,our mission is to treat the patient with pain in a holistic manner. We provide individualized and personalized holistic treatment to patients suffering from pain, so that they are able to have the best quality of life. Treatment is tailored to your unique requirements. At Doshi Pain Relief Centre (DPRC), we believe that health includes all aspects of daily life, including body, mind, emotion and behavior. Constant Pain can restrict the body and mind, affecting our emotion as well as behavior. For the best quality of life, it is important that we are able to manage pain effectively.At DPRC, we provide rehabilitative advice for people with chronic pain which remains unresolved by other treatments currently available. We assess each patient for their pain and lifestyle, and chart out a plan for pain relief treatment customized for each patient’s individual requirements. We prescribe treatment after determining what is “Best for the patient.”

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