Back Pain

Backaches, Spondylosis and Low Back Pain

Back pain is the evolutionary penalty for the vertical posture of man. Almost 90% of back pain can be treated conservatively. The spine is made up of 33 vertebrae with intervertebral discs & its supporting ligaments, cartilage, muscles and nerves. The Intervertebral disc can cause back pain due to degeneration, internal disruption, infection, tumor infiltration, etc.
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After confirmation of diagnosis, and adequate trial of conservative treatment, an epidural steroid injection can be considered to give pain relief to resume normal activity.

Post Back Surgery Pain

Some patients who have undergone spine surgery may come back with pain similar or worse than previous pain.Also known as failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS). This maybe due to scar tissue and patients can benefit from transforaminal or caudal injections. Racz adhesiolysis is also beneficial.

Case History 35y lady, previous h/o neck & back surgery had constant back pain and headache. After nerve blocks,to relieve pain, patient is able to pursue active life
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