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“Back” or the spine is very complex structure that gives us support, helps perform difficult tasks and also makes us look the way we do!. It is made up of 33 vertebral bones with intervertebral discs inbetween which act like “shock absorbers”.
These are supported and held in place by ligaments, cartilage and muscles. The nerves pass between these structures. Injury or Damage caused to any of these parts can result in back pain. This damage can be caused by age related degeneration, internal disruption (slipped disc), infection, tumor infiltration, etc. As can be seen, Back pain may be due to simple causes like muscle spasm or can be caused by potentially dangerous cause like cancer. Even back pain from simple causes if left untreated, can grow into a severe problem that is unbearably painful, and reduces your ability to move freely. ‘Sciatica’ is pain down the leg along the sciatic nerve. It is used to describe any pain down the leg and needs to be seen by a doctor. It is a nerve pain but has multiple causes. First step of treatment is to find the cause of the ‘sciatica’. S Almost 90% of back pain can be treated without surgery. It is very important to determine the cause of back pain before starting any treatment. Sometimes, even proper exercise can effectively treat chronic (long-lasting) back pain. After diagnosis and adequate trial of conservative (non-invasive) treatments like physiotherapy, an epidural steroid injection can be considered to give pain relief to resume normal activity.
Lumbar Epidural
Cervical Epidural

Back Pain after Surgery

Some patients who have undergone spine surgery may come back with pain similar or worse than previous pain. Also known as failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS). This may be due to scar tissue and patients can benefit from pain blocking injections called transforaminal or caudal injections. A procedure called Racz adhesiolysis, in which a catheter is used to deal with the scar tissue problem, is also beneficial.

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