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Cancer and Post-cancer Treatment Pain

Cancer and it’s treatment can be painful. Controlling pain is an important part of your cancer treatment. People dread this disease and always associate it with unbearable suffering. At least 75% of advanced cancer patients experience severe pain. But, the good news is 80-90% of cancer pain can be managed by correct medications. A tumor can press on bones, nerves, or organs and can cause pain. Cancer treatments like Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation for cancer can also cause pain. We can provide you with the best pain relief methods for your cancer pain, enabling it to be controlled. There are a number of ways to control each of these kinds of pain: i) Medications like narcotic analgesics morphine, fentanyl patches etc. The WHO Ladder is followed and patients can get good relief of their pain ii) Nerve blocks like Neurolytic blocks (permanent) for severe cancer pain when medications alone are not enough relief eg: Coeliac plexus block for cancer of pancreas, liver metastasis and upper gastro-intestinal tract cancers; Superior hypogastric block for cancer of pelvic organs or lower gastro-intestinal tract iii) Head and neck nerve blocks iv) Intrathecal Morphine Pump- delivers opioids to the subarachnoid space using an implanted pump having the advantage of less drug required and reduced adverse effects.
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