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Backache, Low Back Pain, Spondylosis, Sciatica

“Back” or the spine is very complex structure that gives us support, helps perform difficult tasks and also makes us look the way we do!. It is made up of 33 vertebral bones with intervertebral discs inbetween which act like “shock absorbers”.
These are supported and held in place by ligaments, cartilage and muscles. The nerves pass between these structures. Injury or Damage caused to any of these parts can result in back pain. This damage can be caused by age related degeneration, internal disruption (slipped disc), infection, tumor infiltration, etc. As can be seen, Back pain may be due to simple causes like muscle spasm or can be caused by potentially dangerous cause like cancer. Even back pain from simple causes if left untreated, can grow into a severe problem that is unbearably painful, and reduces your ability to move freely. ‘Sciatica’ is pain down the leg along the sciatic nerve. It is used to describe any pain down the leg and needs to be seen by a doctor. It is a nerve pain but has multiple causes. First step of treatment is to find the cause of the ‘sciatica’. S Almost 90% of back pain can be treated without surgery. It is very important to determine the cause of back pain before starting any treatment. Sometimes, even proper exercise can effectively treat chronic (long-lasting) back pain. After diagnosis and adequate trial of conservative (non-invasive) treatments like physiotherapy, an epidural steroid injection can be considered to give pain relief to resume normal activity.
Lumbar Epidural
Cervical Epidural

Back Pain after Surgery

Some patients who have undergone spine surgery may come back with pain similar or worse than previous pain. Also known as failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS). This may be due to scar tissue and patients can benefit from pain blocking injections called transforaminal or caudal injections. A procedure called Racz adhesiolysis, in which a catheter is used to deal with the scar tissue problem, is also beneficial.

Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Frozen Shoulder

Neck pain has many causes such as poor posture, muscle strain, emotional stress, cervical spondylosis, etc. Neck pain can present in different ways as sore or stiff neck with painful neck movements, localized diffuse pain or as radicular (down the arm) with Pain, tingling, Numbness or Motor weakness if a nerve is “pinched” in the spine.

Frozen Shoulder: Frozen shoulder is a term used to describe a stiff shoulder Joint. This may be temporary and occurs in or near the shoulder. In 95% of cases the condition is totally reversible, but full recovery may take several months. Physical therapy, stretching exercises are the treatments of choice for frozen shoulder. If pain is severe, exercising may not be possible. For such people, a ‘nerve block’ can help reduce pain for facilitating physiotherapy. After examining the patient, the treatment options include posture correction advice, traction, physiotherapy, nerve blocks.

Post-Surgery Pain After Caesarean Section, Hip/Knee surgery

Usually, after surgery, the surgical pain resolves with healing of the wound. In some patients, the pain persists and becomes relentless and causes great suffering. There are treatment options for such pain. A common cause is nerve entrapment pain which can be treated seen after gall bladder, hernia, thoracotomy etc surgeries.

Headaches | Migraines

Headaches| Migraines: Headaches are a very common type of pain. Almost everyone suffers from headaches frequently. But headaches are of different types. Primary headaches are headaches that could be migraines, cluster headaches, tension-type headaches. Headaches can also be secondary headaches which are due to underlying causes like meningitis, intracranial lesions, etc. Headaches need to be properly identified for effective treatment.

Cancer and Post-cancer Treatment Pain

Cancer and it’s treatment can be painful. Controlling pain is an important part of your cancer treatment. People dread this disease and always associate it with unbearable suffering. At least 75% of advanced cancer patients experience severe pain. But, the good news is 80-90% of cancer pain can be managed by correct medications. A tumor can press on bones, nerves, or organs and can cause pain. Cancer treatments like Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation for cancer can also cause pain. We can provide you with the best pain relief methods for your cancer pain, enabling it to be controlled. There are a number of ways to control each of these kinds of pain: i) Medications like narcotic analgesics morphine, fentanyl patches etc. The WHO Ladder is followed and patients can get good relief of their pain ii) Nerve blocks like Neurolytic blocks (permanent) for severe cancer pain when medications alone are not enough relief eg: Coeliac plexus block for cancer of pancreas, liver metastasis and upper gastro-intestinal tract cancers; Superior hypogastric block for cancer of pelvic organs or lower gastro-intestinal tract iii) Head and neck nerve blocks iv) Intrathecal Morphine Pump- delivers opioids to the subarachnoid space using an implanted pump having the advantage of less drug required and reduced adverse effects.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Patients with long standing diabetes are known to develop nerve affection known as ‘Diabetic neuropathy’ which can affect every part of the nervous system. Patient may have numbness, burning, increased sensitivity in some areas of the body, peripheral neuropathy or mononeuropathy with sudden wrist drop or foot drop etc. Autonomic symptoms like delayed stomach emptying time, constipation, diarrhea, errectile dysfunction etc are also seen. This is very severe pain with varying presentations such as burning sensations, numbness, spontaneous pain, etc

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal nerve is a nerve which supplies sensations to the face area. In some people, this nerve can get irritated due to various reasons. Many have no cause while some may have an abnormal vascular loop in the brain area around the origin of this nerve. The patient has severe electric shock like pain in the face which comes in attacks lasting few seconds. If untreated, the attacks tend to worsen and appear with more frequency. Nerve blocks can give good relief and reduce the dose of medications.

Nerve Pain

i) Nerve Injury pain seen after stroke, amputation and trauma. This is severe and needs treatment. Pain Clinic can help reduce the distress and suffering.
ii) Herpes Zoster | Nagin: This is a viral infection where the nerve is involved with severe burning pain along affected nerve root. The intensity of pain is very severe. Even trivial stimuli like touch, light breeze, and clothing can aggravate pain. Effective treatment is possible with medications, TENS, nerve blocks.

Pelvic Pain Both in Males and Females.

Chronic Pelvic Pain is a symptom, not a diagnosis. It is seen in both male and female populations. Pain is manifest in the private parts and many are reluctant to take treatment till it becomes very severe. The person will have deep pain (colicky, aching, cramping and burning), which could be unilateral, bilateral or in the midline; may radiate to low back, anterior abdominal wall, buttocks, hips, perineal area and anterior thighs. They may also have associated symptoms of painful intercourse, changes in bowel /urinary habits & may be associated with psychological depression. Treatment includes identifying the cause and treating it. This is very much treatable but because of the complex interacting mechanisms, it needs more than just medications. Treatment is multimodal approach – meaning many different types of strategies are needed for best therapeutic success.

Joint Pain | Knee Pain | Heel Pain

Joints are movable bones which help us to move and be productive. With age, almost all people will have some joint pains. Not everyone needs surgery. Good preventive measures, non surgical treatments like muscle strengthening; supportive devices, TENS, taping, lifestyle changes etc can be taught. For some, nerve blocks and injections can give good relief.


The person suffers from widespread and diffuse pain in the spine and throughout the body. This may be mistaken for arthritis, lupus, or muscle inflammation. Other common symptoms include aches, morning stiffness, chronic fatigue, and mood and sleep disturbances. Many sufferers are told ‘you have to live with the pain’. This is not so today. With improved research and understanding, though it is a difficult condition, treatment for pain is possible. This includes medicines, trigger point injections, non pharmacological methods like yoga, swimming, lifestyle modifications, etc

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