Dr Doshi's Pain Relief Centre
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Pain Management

Constant/ Chronic Pain can cause disability and can lead to becoming unproductive and feeling of ‘worthlessness’ and sometimes even suicidal thoughts- also sometimes known as “Mind-Body connection” affecting behavior resulting in “Pain Behavior”.
This is why the WHO (world health organisation) and IASP (International Association for study of Pain) have endorsed access to Pain relief as every person’s right.

Doshi Pain Relief Centre
Doshi Pain Relief Centre at Thane is a centre with rehabilitative treatment for people with chronic pain which remains unresolved by other treatments currently available.

We Treat Each Patient Individually 
We relieve pain, by identifying and treating the root cause of pain. This is done by the use of many methods: non-invasive and natural as well as with advanced treatment options currently available (we use a combination of medications, physiotherapy, ultrasound, cold laser, acupuncture, diet, exercise, nutrition in a supportive & compassionate way).
Our aim is to reduce the disability and distress caused by chronic pain by teaching physical, psychological and practical techniques to improve quality of life. We also aim to help decrease your level of pain and suffering so that you can return to your maximum level of functioning and independence. Timely treatment can give good quality of life to patients in Pain.
By this, we help you restore your quality of life.

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