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Pelvic Pain Both in Males and Females.

Chronic Pelvic Pain is a symptom, not a diagnosis. It is seen in both male and female populations. Pain is manifest in the private parts and many are reluctant to take treatment till it becomes very severe. The person will have deep pain (colicky, aching, cramping and burning), which could be unilateral, bilateral or in the midline; may radiate to low back, anterior abdominal wall, buttocks, hips, perineal area and anterior thighs. They may also have associated symptoms of painful intercourse, changes in bowel /urinary habits & may be associated with psychological depression. Treatment includes identifying the cause and treating it. This is very much treatable but because of the complex interacting mechanisms, it needs more than just medications. Treatment is multimodal approach – meaning many different types of strategies are needed for best therapeutic success.
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